Patch Remover

The Patch Remover is a custom patch which removes any user installed patches from NewtonOS 2.1 devices (MessagePad 2000, 2100 and eMate 300). ‘‘There is usually no reason to use this tool except when explicitly advised by me.’’


The tool is available for download from SourceForge under the ‘‘Patches’’ package of the 40Hz project.


The file to install is Patch Remover.pkg. As a precaution against the Newton Year 2010 Problem, it clears all alarms from the Calendar, To Do lists and Names before restoring the original NewtonOS version.

After installation, the Newton will prompt for a reboot which completes the patching process.


The patch simply resets the MMU tables to point to the original ROM. It does not contain any code itself, only the control data for the MMU for ROM and REx patches.