Project80 is a simple project and task manager for the Newton. It is written using the NewtApp-Framework, so the basic functionality is similar to built-in apps like Names and Notes. Project80 maintains a set of tasks which can be manipulated via an overview and a detailed view.

  • Version: 1.0
  • Author: Eckhart Köppen
  • License: LGPL 2.0
  • Download: Project80.sit


Using Project80 is quite simple. First, a set of tasks has to be created and appropriate information (base priority and planned hours) has to be provided. Whenever the user wants to work on a task, he marks the activity flag in the detailed view of the task. After finishing work, he disables the indicator and Project80 updates the corresponding fields.

Project80 uses a simple calculation for the overall priority of a task. If no planned hours are given, the overall prioriry equals the given base priority. If the user has planned the hours she wants to spend on a task, the base priority is raised according to the already accomplished percentage according to this scheme:

  • the percentage of the hours per day which still have to be accomplished is doubled, divided by 100 and then added to the base priority.
  • If no planned daily hours are given, the calculation is made using the planned hours for the week, except that the missing percentage is not doubled but only multiplied with 1.5.
  • The lowest priority have planned hours for a whole month, where the missing percentage has no multiplier.



The overview shows all tasks in a list with the following data:

  • Title of the task
  • Priority
  • Hours per month, week and day
  • Accomplished percentage of the planned hours per month, week or day
  • optional indicator if the task is currently active


The detailed view lets the user manipulate the data associated with a task. Most important are the name of the task, the activity flag and the base priority. Further, it is possible to provide planned hours for the current month, week or day. The detailed view also shows the total hours for the current month, week and day.

To Do List

  • Show times in HH:MM format and not in decimal
  • Allow for large project titles (word wrap for the title in the overview and detailed view)
  • Add a minimize button
  • Add a maximize feature to use the whole screen of a MP2x00
  • Show active checkbox in the overview
  • Documentation is still very sparse …