Various Experiments

LPR Driver

Driver for LPR printers, consisting of two packages (LPR Setup.pkg and LPRDriver.pkg). Use the LPR Setup application to add a printer. The address field contains the host name of the printer or printer server, the queue field contains the queue name on the server or “lp” for the default queue. Printers added via LPR Setup are added to the list of printers available in the print slip.

Serial Test

TSerialChip implementation

Serial Endpoint

Patched Endpoint with a partly IrCOMM implementation


Foundation for a speaker-dependent speech recognition codec. Does silence detection and filtering into frequency bands.

Newton GCC Tools

Tool chain for compiling C programs using GCC instead of the Newton C++ Tools.

Download and Installation

The Newton tools can be downloaded from here. The contents of the ZIP file can be extracted anywhere, and an environment variable NT_ROOT has to point to the location where the contents have been extracted to.

The Newton tools also require the Lua scripting language.


To use the tools, a GCC cross compiler for the ARM target is required. The $(NT_ROOT)/lib folder contains a NewtonTools.mak file which can be included from other makefiles, it sets the necessary compiler and linker flags. The NewtonTools.mak file assumes that the GCC cross compiler is installed under /usr/local/, but that can be changed easily.

Newton Connection Protocols

Newton Patches

The NewtonOS is patchable, and Apple has released a number of patches for various models and purposes. The Newton Patches page contains more information how patches are structured, and example and test patches.

NewtonOS internals

Some information about the lower level NewtonOS parts (kernel a.k.a OS600 and user space libraries) can be found on the NewtonOS Internals page.