Blunt 2


Blunt 2 is a Bluetooth driver with a new architecture, allowing multiple connections and automation of discovery and handling incoming connections.


In case you are feeling adventurous, here is a very incomplete pre-alpha version of Blunt 2. It doesn’t do much, but discovery, pairing and service discovery should work. This is a small How-To list:

  • Remove all traces of Blunt (Bluetooth Setup, the Bluetooth Devices soup, Bluetooth Setup preferences - e.g. via SAI Prefs Cleaner - and Blunt)
  • Install Bluetooth Setup
  • Use the preferences for setting up the hardware (I’m using the PICO card for testing)
  • Tap the “Test’ button to check if the hardware is recognized and working

If the test runs successfully, you can start to use Blunt 2:

  • Tap the ‘‘Start’’ button
  • Chose ‘‘Discover’’ from the Action button
  • Try to pair (only initiating pairing works!) or get services

Note: Blunt 2 runs in the background after it has been started. It will get shut down automatically when the Newton is switched off, but it can also be shut down via the start menu which is shown after it has been started.

This is a link to the sources and binaries. Note: This package has been built for the MP 2100 US!

Debugging and Diagnosis

If you encounter problems, you can help out by installing BugTrap (e.g. from here or UNNA) and sending me the crash logs.

Blunt 2 also logs data via the serial port. You can get the output by simply connecting the Newton to another computer via serial cable and opening e.g. a terminal program to monitor the serial port. The Newton uses 9600 bps 8N1 as the serial parameters. In the simplest case, a “cat /dev/ttyS0” is enough to monitor the data on Unix.

To enable logging, open the preferences before starting Blunt or before testing it. Chose a log level of 1 to get detailed logging, then either start Blunt, or tap the “Test” button to check whether the preferences are set properly.

Latest Changes

  • Added debug configuration
  • Changed low level chip interface for more stability