Blunt 2 Status

Blunt 2 Status

After fixing the MySQL issues on (seems that some of the tables got corrupted), here is a status update for Blunt 2…

Overall, I’ve made some good progress on Blunt 2 over the summer. Right now, Blunt 2 is almost usable for connections initiated from the Newton side. I rolled in some stability improvements, changes to the service discovery, better preferences and more diagnostics code. There are still some stability issues which I suspect are coming from the interrupt handling routines, and some issues regarding automatic startup and shutdown of Blunt 2. Also, accepting connections is not implemented at all on the NewtonScript level. Still, I’ve been able to transfer data using IC/VC and Neo, which is right now the most important use case for me.

One interesting side project was to improve logging facilities, and I’ve settled now for a very simple but effective mechanism: I added a logger class which writes data straight onto the serial port at 9600 bps, which means a simple “cat /dev/…” command is enough to get the log outout. No more messing with Hammer :)

The current snapshop is as usual on SourceForge in the Blunt 2 release area.

PS: There were also some minor changes to IC/VC regarding export of names with multiple addresses which was problematic before with Mac OS X Address book.