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… that’s the output I just got in my Inspector window. Communication via IrOBEX between my Newton and a Nokia 3650 works. Implemented at the moment are an OBEX server with the Put method and an OBEX client with Get and Put methods. OBEX is transport neutral, but as I wrote before, it is a nice test case for Nitro. It actually confirmed that I can set up a listening TinyTP endpoint (works for OBEX but probably not for IrCOMM which is of no big use in that case anyway) which I haven’t tried before.

This is the plan: Wrap the OBEX client and server into a Transport for sending and receiving any file type via IrDA and TCP/IP. Implement a Routing layer for iCalendar and vCard datatypes (encoding and decoding), including a merge heuristic for incoming iCalendar and vCard data. Result: Making my Newton more usable in daily life, effectively saving its butt - I’m still resisting to buy a cheap Zaurus ;)