about | This is my first shot at a usable SWIG1.1 module for the programming language Lua. It is far from perfect and needs more work, but it is usable nevertheless. Any contributions are very welcome, as I am trying to set up a CVS repository with write access here. SWIGLua has been tested with SWIG1.1p5. The current version is 0.3. SWIG is a very useful program that generates wrapper code for C/C++ libraries that makes it possible to use these libraries in various (scripting) languages. Among those languages are Tcl, Python, Perl, Java, Eiffel and thanks to SWIGLua, also Lua.
using | The installation procedures have change from the previous version. You need an installed version of SWIG1.1p5 (i.e. you need libswig.a and swig.h) These are the steps to build SWIGLua:
  • tar xvfz SWIGLua-0.3.tar.gz
  • make; make install
download | SWIGLua-0.3.tar.gz
to do list |
  • add support for "boolean"-like integers (i.e. mapping 0 to nil)