Mottek: 2013-10-06

Newton Projects in Modern Times

I really like GitHub for easy hosting and version control of software project sources, but it is just not that easy to use for Newton NTK projects. Mark Mason's story of how he open sourced Dashboard is a great read about how he mastered the challenges of resource forks, lost sources, ancient version control systems and so on to get Dashboard onto GitHub. Even more, the stuff under the obsolete files folder is pretty hilarious ;)

tntk avoids these issues by being text based, but this comes at the loss of a graphical UI builder. I'm not too bothered by this, but it appears that the easiest way to go back in time and create Newton apps the way they were intended to be implemented is to get a fast and reliable PPC based Mac, install Classic, and head back to the future ;) - and don't forget to back up frequently!