Mottek: 2011-10-23

Dear TCommTool

What is it you really want? - I've been experimenting with Blunt 2, setting up an internet connection using NIE and PPP over Bluetooth, and overall it appears to be quite stable, with the only very annoying problem that the data is not handed back from Blunt to the NewtonScript layer (and thus NIE). The problem appears to be the inner working of the TCommTool class, which handles this interaction. What is not entirely clear right now is how to indicate that data has arrived for further processing. This results in apparent packet loss on the NIE level, and unnecessary packet retransmission or aborted connections. It might be the most effective to debug the data flow, but the drawback of using Hammer is that it needs USB to serial drivers installed under Mac OS Classic. Well, I've gotten very far without Hammer, maybe now it's again Hammer time!