Mottek: 2011-09-10

Stabilizing Blunt 2

I've gotten Blunt 2 quite a bit more stable, and have also added missing functionality to send larger data packets in smaller chunks. I'm testing at the moment with a Conceptronic CBT100C and a PICO card, which both seem to be working quite well with 230kbps as the serial speed.

Github continues to be very useful to manage the work and track issues (I should probably indicate in the git commits also the ID of any issue I'm fixing), and for those interested, the git repository actually contains the current working stack as an installable package in the "Bluetooth" file ;)

One remaining stability issue is long term stability though, which I think is related to either improper memory management for the messages sent between the server and the other parts of the system, or problems with the interrupt handlers being paged out.