Mottek: 2011-03-02

Experimenting with iPhone Development

As a programmer, I'm trying to continuously learn new technologies, and playing around with iPhone development was inevitable. One aspect which motivated me goes actually back to the NeXT era, and that is Objective-C. Back in the days, we just got started with a friend and his small company to dive into C++ since it was the logical next step from C, but Objective-C and Brad Cox' idea of Software-ICs seemed already then very appealing. It was unfortunately limited on the commercial side to NeXTStep and later OpenStep, whereas C++ was much easier to deploy.

A while ago I started therefore to experiment with iPhone app development to see what the fuzz is about. Using Objective-C is very refreshing, it is great to have a compiled but also very dynamic language. It won't beat NewtonScript though ;). The result of my experiments is now available in the iTunes app store: a simple, free expense tracking software for personal use called Geld, including DropBox support. Enjoy!