Mottek: 2010-10-18

Web site moved

I noticed that this web site started to show more and more slowdowns, and I asked my current hosting provider Hurricane Electric what they could do about it. They offered to move me to another server, which initially seemed like a great idea, the new hardware was indeed faster, but then I noticed that it's running Linux on 64 bits, which causes memory consumption to go up. That by itself is not an issue, unfortunately the site was using Apache and the Python-based MoinMoin Wiki as the CMS, and Python modules which are dynamically loaded are wasting quite a bit of memory. In the end, there was no other option to rewrite the whole setup, and PHP was the safe choice. With Kohana, I found a framework which has the right level of abstraction, and after about two weeks of hacking, things should be back to normal now :) The RSS feed might need some modifications still, but I hope I can now go back to the regularly scheduled Newton programming!