Mottek: 2008-08-05

Old Skool

My current way of working with the Newton to get things done is quite effective, but once in a while, I'm hitting a snag: Whenever I need to jot down larger amounts of data, brainstorm or scribble, my handwriting is getting in the way, as well as the limited size of the Newton's screen size. In the GTD flow, the Newton is very well suited for the more structured phases like defining goals, next actions and projects, and marking actions as complete. But for free form brainstorming, I found it sometimes too limited. nn nnIn those circumstances, pen and paper seems to work better for me. This gives me also a nice excuse to shop around for productivity gadgetry :) I settled on a disc binder for the notes - for the pen, my initial choice was a nice classic Lamy 2000 ballpoint pen. But I always had some reservations regarding ballpoint pens, something just doesn't feel right about them. Which means I'm back to fountain pens, and the world of ink stains ;)!