Mottek: 2007-07-20

A little hammered

The Newton, that is :) I haven't gotten the complete Newton debug protocol put together yet, but I have at least a way to connect and get some logging done. Since I haven't used Hammer to actually debug much (Blunt for example is very asynchronous which is not easy to debug anyway), this is enough to get rid of Hammer for regular development work. The problem with Hammer is that it loads the CPU 100% when connected, and it has a tendency to hang and hog the serial port. And it runs in Classic only.

There is still lots missing from the actual debug protocol, right now especially initiating and terminating debug sessions is not done properly since it involves not actual commands, but rather setting memory values remotely on the Newton. Reverse engineering those parts is however lower priority now because I really want to get Blunt 2 done!