Mottek: 2006-09-03


I'm still trying to solve the flow control problem with Blunt 2. I'm using a Linux PC to send data at the highest possible speed over RFCOMM, and without any handling besides the raw BT stack, it sort of works, but it is buggy and crashes the Newton. The code which is necessary to make it stop crashing, as well as the code needed on the NewtonScript side to actually do something useful slow things down, causing buffer overflows. The flow control code which I put in didn't really work, but I'll still see if the more advanced credit based control would work better. nn nnOn the bright side, it seems that when using MacOS X, the speed is just about right for things to flow smoothly - about 5kByte/sec, including handling on the NewtonScript side (I'm storing the data in a 1k binary object). That means that I only need to add the sending part, and the scenario where the Newton initiates the connection should be complete - sending and receiving should work, with much improved error recovery. No more -18000 and -19000 errors :)