Mottek: 2006-06-28

Blunt 2 Status

In case people are interested, here's where Blunt 2 is standing at the moment: Bluetooth Setup looks quite ok, but getting Service information from remote devices is not implemented. Im testing with my Pico card, which hopefully helps people who are using the same card (it's a cheap and readily available choice). I sent a version earlier to Daniel Padilla, unfortunately it just crashed his machine. My current development machine has been brain wiped, so it should be in a state similar to other Newtons, let's see if I can prepare another version for testing. Ideally, people who want to test have Hammer installed so that we get a bit of logging data. nn nnThere are some open issues regarding the initialization of the components of the Bluetooth stack, i.e. how the HCI, L2CAP and RFCOMM handlers are started up. It's a bit hackish at the moment, starting from the bottom of the stack and moving upwards. Maybe initializing the high level layers first is cleaner.