Mottek: 2006-06-04

Brain Transplant

One problem I have sine I bought my first Newton back in 1995 is that my handwriting is bad, in fact I have trouble reading it myself ;) However, Newton's printed recognizer is actually doing a quite good job. To improve recognition, I use alt.rec..., and since most of the things I write in English, I finally decided to do a brain transplant, moving the US ROM from one of my spare Newtons to my main Newton. The physical process is very simple, but moving data back and forth required a bit more planning. I wanted to take advantage of the fact that the memory gets wiped completely after a ROM transplant and decided to see if I can preserve all my data without a backup. For that to work properly, I moved all packages to my memory card, and then used Soup Mover to move the data as well. Settings are lost, but they are usually not that crucial. Everything worked fine in the end :)