Mottek: 2005-07-19

Classic - here to stay?

Finally I found some time again to fiddle around with cross compiling for the Newton... my Cube needed hardware and software upgrades, but Tiger running on a dual 1.2GHz G4 is quite nice. The bad news is that GCC in the versions I tried it (2.95.3 and 3.3) generates or assumes virtual tables which are not compatible with what the original NCT compiler generated. This restricts any usage to either plain C code, or classes without virtual functions. In addition to that, the generated code didn't look particularly efficient, it is also about 50% larger than the Norcroft code. nn nnWell, thanks to Paul's toolserver, I can at least use Xcode as the development environment. The main problem with Classic is actually not using MPW, but Hammer, which sometimes hangs or crashes the complete Classic process... an RDI compatible replacement for Hammer would definitely be great!