Mottek: 2003-11-12

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I made some progress with the Bluetooth Setup application (it's part of the Blunt.sit archive on the Experiments page). Discovery works, but overall, it's still quite rough. The preferences for chosing the Bluetooth device settings are integrated as well and are fetched by the comm tool when an endpoint is created.

The next steps would be pairing and discovering remote services. This probably one process, i.e. pairing also gets the available services on the peer device. This requires some additions to the SDP layer of Blunt. Not my favorite part...

The last steps are to use the discovery and SDP information in Neo to build the route slip when sending data to another device. I also have a vague idea on how to do the same for Internet Setup, making it possible to chose a peer device for a PPP connection. If my idea works, it will help Nitro as well and make the patched NIE Serial module obsolete.