Mottek: 2003-10-30

Now where did that byte go?

I'm currently working on the Bluetooth setup application, or to be more precise, on the device discovery feature. The Bluetooth setup application will be used to discover devices, pair with them and set system-wide parameters such as connection speeds.

In the process, I hit one of the tougher problems in projects like this: Figuring out what the existing NewtonOS code expects to happen in a new component (such as a new comm tool). It's a very tedious process... currently, there seems to be an off-by-one error in the data transfer back to the NewtonScript world. For certain input scripts (mostly those which read byte by byte), the last byte in a transmission is lost. This bug also causes the PPP negotiation phase to take forever.

I also still haven't found out why PPP is so slow. It seems that the peer device simply takes its time talking to the Newton. At least on the PPP and HCI level, I can't see any retransmits or packet errors. But I'm working on it.