Mottek: 2003-10-26

Rough Edges

With Courier 0.5 out, I've got now again some more patience for working on Blunt. Caching and download were something that just had to be in Courier, but now it's Hammer time again.

One remarkable step forward today was a successful PPP connection over Bluetooth to my Linux machine. There is however something seriously wrong with either the MTU size, the ppp daemon or flow control: Transfer speed is about 400 bytes per second. Not really breathtaking. That prompted me to get OBEX working reliably to get some alternative numbers. There were (and probably are) still some rough edges in the L2CAP and RFCOMM layer. A remaining mystery is why some packets get garbled right after connection establishment. But simply sending them again helps.

Anyway, the speed over OBEX is more satisfactory: about 10-15k/sec from my Mac, which is quite good considering that the serial speed to the Bluetooth card is 23k/sec. I guess that the slow PPP speed is related to the failure of establishing a PPP connection to my 3650...