Mottek: 2003-09-12


Who did this!? It's like talking in gzip! ... what I'm talking about is the Service Discovery Protocol (SDP), used to find the services running on top of a Bluetooth stack. It uses a very compact binary data representation which might be space efficient but very inconvenient to parse. Oh well.

On the brighter side of things, I've managed to restructure some of the higher level Blunt code without breaking too much. Now there is some degree of multiplexing possible. I also had the idea of using a permanently operating Bluetooth stack which could have multiple comm tools as clients. This could be really interesting to run multiple services on the Newton as well as sending data at the same time. I have to remember why that idea didn't work with IrDA, there must have been a catch.

Totally unrelated, but in case anybody missed it (that's not really possible, is it - there is this really practical RSS channel on the 40Hz SourceForgepage !): Courier 0.3 and Raissa 1.1 are out.