Mottek: 2003-04-30

In no particular order

I think I have to write this down so I don't forget it:

  • Improve Patch for NIE Modem and Serial Support
  • Generic Package installer for Inbox (part of IrOBEX?): check.
  • New UI for MAD Max
  • Fix MAD Max truncated playback bug (schedule shorter sounds?): check.
  • SMS sending transport to be used with Nitro
  • Delay automatic disconnect on no IAS activity in Nitro
  • MasterCook MX2 file reader: check.
  • C++-based HTTP library for improved streaming
  • Reverse engineer full C++ codec interface to schedule sounds from C++
  • Reverse engineer AIFtoNTK to use ARM tools
  • Use ARM tools to compile MAD Newton
  • Port faac (AAC decoder) and Tremor (Ogg Vorbis decoder)
  • Fast HTML renderer plugin for NetHopper: check (Courier)
  • Speaker dependent speech recognition using EARS
  • Bluetooth CommTool driver for RFCOMM
  • Time and position dependent application scripter
  • FAT/FAT32 file reading in MAD Max via ATA support
  • Buy lots of chocolate and/or beer