Mottek: 2003-01-31

Connect works!

The first step in adding the necessary IrCOMM code to the modified TSerialEndpoint is done. The modified endpoint will be instantiated whenever a regular serial connection (IrDA, modem and serial) is made. In addition to that, connecting to another IrCOMM device over IrDA works. Next are send and receive and then we're done. Connecting is probably the more critical operation anyway since it contains already sending and receiving of data.

In the first incarnation, IrCOMM will work when using a regular IrDA connection. This means that an application that wants to use IrCOMM has to request an IrDA connection. For legacy applications, there are two options: Either patch the application to use IrDA instead of serial (it could be as easy as changing four bytes in the package), or go the hard way and patch the TSerialEndpoint further so that it uses a second hidden IrDA endpoint when requesting regular serial connections...