Mottek: 2003-01-21

Code Cleanup

Nothing special today... it is time to clean up the prototype code I made for testing TinyTP and IrCOMM. This is never nice since you go from something working to something most likely broken. Restructuring always causes this first phase of putting stupid errors in the code, fixing them and then wondering how one can be so stupid to put them in in the first place.

But it always pays off. I think that developers who are afraid of throwing out prototype code and start from scratch with a new design are more likely to run into problems later on. However, when restarting from scratch, there is one thing I really wish for: A versioning system that is smart enough to take a snapshot of my current development setup, letting me peek back to find out what I did to make things work. Maybe a small script would help that archives a whole directory tree. The difficult part in this is unfortunately to figure out what to archive. And how to archive across multiple machines...

Well, the TinyTP stuff seems to work now and I'm satisfied with the low level interface. The only open issue is to figure out the initial credit the Newton receives from the peer. It is sent in the IrLMP connection response frame, for now I just use the standard value of 14. Different stacks might have different values here, but the Symbian and Linux stacks use 14.